Good Day Bad Experience

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So, yesterday was a really great day because I finally paid off all my debt (except for student loans), which I’m super proud of.

However, yesterday, I also went to my first appointment with a psychologist in the area. Needless to say, we didn’t click well, and I didn’t find him terribly intelligent either. He ended up telling me that he couldn’t see the Aspergers or Depression, on the surface, and since I’ve paid off all my debt that I am no longer impulsive, and since my relationship stress is improving, I don’t need counseling. He said that if I could do it on my own, and pass for normal, that I didn’t really need therapy.


A. It’s impossible to figure out what kind of problems, stressors, and things are going on in my life with a 45 minute chat.
B. It’s impossible to diagnose me, or UN-diagnose me, or know anything about oh, I don’t know, my meltdowns, tantrums, insomnia and shit like that with (again) a 45 minute chat.
C. It’s incredibly unprofessional to tell someone they don’t need counseling, because they seem to be doing well AT THE MOMENT, when they ask for help setting up a support system safety net.

This man’s co worker was the psychologist my girlfriend chose to try and (again, ith a 45 minute chat) diagnosed her with a previously undiagnosed anxiety disorder (she’s been in counseling for years prior to this, I’m pretty sure someone might have mentioned it if they thought it was an issue) and suggested medication.

We will not be going back to this office.


Holding a Job

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Last week I had the ‘oppourtunity’ to see what it’s like to work a regular work schedule.

I should mention again, for those who don’t know, that I’m a Sign Language Interpreter. The ratio of Interpreters to Deaf people, nationwide, is roughly 1 Interpreter to every 500 Deaf people. That means that not only is my job in CONSTANT and INFINITE demand, but that I get paid 2 – 4 times more than my counterparts in a mainstream job.  The situations that I work in are anything from an Emergency Room visit at 3 in the morning to a second grade PE class.

That’s great for me – because (even though the schedule being changed almost every day is stressful) I can work half the hours for twice as much pay and the schedule never gets boring.

Last week, however, I scheduled appointments from approximately 9AM – 9PM every day of the week. I had a few hours of break time in between the morning and afternoon assignment, so in essence I worked a 45 hour work week.

I almost didn’t make it through. I might be able to attribute this to the fact that I wasn’t used to that kind of schedule but I was still exhausted, irritable, and had almost ZERO time to just quiet down in between sources of stimuli.

I’ve always wondered if I would be able to hold down a regular job. I think I’ve concluded that (with a LOT of practice and ONLY sleeping during break times with NO social life) I probably could…but I’m incredibly grateful that the thing I’m good at (Sign Language) is something that pays twice as much, for half the work. I’m incredibly grateful that I am able to be my own boss, and coincidentally, am employed in an incredibly flexible field that leaves me free to be an Aspie.

Goals and Objectives

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Things I want to do change or do:

– Lose weight by eating healthy and working out more often
– Utelize more positive thinking in my life
– Learn something new and/or useful every week
– Put more effort into being mature in my relationship
– Go out and see/do/experience new things
– Learn how to manage money and budget better
– Check things off my bucket list
– Donate plasma 2x per week
– Be productive with my free time
– Blog at least once a week
– Schedule and go to regular psychology appointments
– Make a difference by becoming involved in a meaningful cause
– Volunteer more often
– Utelize and develop my professional strengths and skills

Bucket List

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This is My Bucket List:

See the Northern Lights
Go to Ireland/Scotland/England
Fly First Class
Go to a Concert with Amazing Seat Tickets
Grow Hair Out
Ride a Gondola in Venice
Attend a Masquerade Ball (or Elegant Party)
Release Balloons with Attached Notes to the World
Adopt/Foster/Find Someone to Take Care Of
Learn to Whistle Through My Teeth
Run a (Very) Small Marathon/Triathlon
Collect Something
Chichen Itza Ball Court
Communicate with Another Species via Sign Language
Learn a Second Language
Learn a Third Language
Have a White Christmas
Take a Wildly Impractical and Luxurious Vacation
Get a Passport
Get Married
Swim with Dolphins
Alaskan Ferry or Ship Cruise
Get a Digital SLR Camera
Learn How to Use Makeup
Become Fashionable (with Clothes to Match)

I keep adding things as I think of them, so expect there to be a LOT of ‘edits’ to this post :).

Bucket List Check Off

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Bucket List Check Off

Okay, so normally I wouldn’t post something that wasn’t specifically about Autism or Autistic Challenges or Life with Autism…


I’m so excited! That’s been on my bucket list for forever. I’m so happy.

They were ethereal and calming and stunning and beautiful. I WILL DEFINITELY be going to Alaska to see them better. I was on the fence about it but now I know for sure…

I am just in a state of wonder and awe right now.

(P.S. The picture is just from Google, not the actual ones I saw)


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I’m thinking about doing something wildly impractical. Something that I’ve never done before. Something that makes me nervous just THINKING about the amount of irresponsible spending I would do. I’ve been thinking about taking a vacation.

I think I would probably go by myself. I think I want to go to Chicago. I would have to rent a car, drive down, spend the weekend, pay for a hotel, buy gas and food, pay for sightseeing and shopping adventures, and all these other things that mke me nervous. Spending money terrifies me. I know that I should be saving for this, or paying off that, so I never am able to be extravagant because I guilt myself SO MUCH after doing so.

I don’t know how to travel. I’m worried I won’t think of everything that I need to prepare for.

I don’t know if I should go on a weekend vacation now, or wait until 2015, when I’m supposed to go to Ireland with my girlfriend’s family.

I don’t know if I can justify a $1,500.00 ish trip when I couldn’t pull the trigger on buying a $40.00 purse last week because I was too terrified to spend that kind of money on something so useless…

The Human Ping Pong Ball

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I don’t know how much most people know about Texas, but the general idea is that Texas is an extremely red (republican) state, with two blue (democrat) ‘dots’ in it. Those two cities are Houston and Austin.

Houston is laid back and generally accepting of anything and anyone. Austin, on the other hand, is pretty much full of people who are actively TRYING to “out-weird” each other. Seriously. The city motto is “Keep Austin Weird”.

The point I’m trying to get at is that my girlfriend and I are from Houston; she got offered a University teaching job (she taught for 9 years at the high school level, previously) here in Iowa, which she took, but now there’s a potential job opportunity for her in Austin. I really am not enjoying Iowa as much as I thought I would (there aren’t many cultural or assimilation opportunities and I feel really alone in the area) but at the same time I’m not sure I can handle another move. I think it would make my girlfriend happy to be back in the hot climate and closer to her family and friends, and I think I would like it better than Iowa, but it’s stressing me out just THINKING about the possibility of packing and paying for the move and all the things that go along with it.

However, I think for the time being I will just pretend it doesn’t exist. Even though all I want to do is plan the entire thing out, so I have SOME modicum of control over the situation, I will refrain…because apparently that stresses HER out (when I plan things that haven’t been confirmed yet)…I don’t think she realizes that that is MY way of dealing with my own freak out. I will try to stay calm and not “put the cart before the horse”.

Well…anyways…I’ll keep y’all updated and let you know if I find any good coping strategies.